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  • Mental Health
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  • Skill Acquisition
Mental Health

Support for Individuals & Communities

Outcomes: Reduction in the stigma surrounding mental health, increased awareness and knowledge about mental health issues, improved access to counselling and psychosocial support services, and enhanced resilience and coping skills among beneficiaries.

Skill Acquisition

Vocational & skill training opportunities

for marginalized populations in the Alumni.

Outcomes: Increased employability and income generation opportunities for beneficiaries, improved self-esteem and confidence, enhanced community integration and social inclusion.

Maternal health

Improve maternal health

Outcomes: Reduction in maternal mortality and morbidity rates, increased utilization of antenatal and postnatal care services, improved access to family planning services, and promotion of maternal and newborn health practices.

Nutrition for Children 6-59 Months

Reducing malnutrition

Outcomes: Decreased rates of stunting, wasting, and underweight among children, increased access to nutritious food and micronutrient supplementation, and improved maternal and caregiver knowledge of optimal feeding practices.

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I brought my son to your hospital and within a short time he became well, I was so happy because he has spent a very long time in another hospital yet no improvement.

Osita . Civil servant

na amasi m ka ha na-agwa onye oria okwu nwayo obulagodi mgbe onye oria na awe iwe. Ndi noosu na-eme enjoy. Ulo ogwu mara out esi agwo ndi mmadu

Pa. Chidi Uwalaka Pensioner

Cleanliness,the entire building is swept and mopped everyday,patient hygiene is enforces.the upgrade to do the look and feel of the site is commendable.

Dr. Iroh Doctor

The hospital don't joke with us. They take us very seriously

Gabriel Chibuike

I like the way the nurses communicate with their patients they use modern facilities.


Charis nor they only treat patient to dey well, they care for their patient well being, call and check up on you

• When I brought my son to Charis, he was in a very bad shape I felt my world was over but the doctor assured me he was going to be fine. To my greatest surprise we started seeing changes. To the Glory of God he became well. After discharged the hospital also provided a job for my son to help him out .

Mr. Silas Okoro

I love the hospital because they have constant water and light supply.


Cleanliness,the entire building is swept and mopped everyday,patient hygiene is enforces.the upgrade to do the look and feel of the site is commendable.

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